Who is J.N. Reign

Who is JN Reign?

This name I have made for myself is symbolic of my strive to master self and take true responsibility for those aspects of my live that I can.  JN are my initials and represent me before and after growth and change. Reign is what I want to do in my own life as much as possible.

In my journey I have learned the lessons that systems of oppression teach along with the opportunities that freedoms give. I respect and appreciate the opportunities that I have enjoyed as a Black Queer CIS gendered Female American  . I acknowledge and reject the oppressive and inequitable system that provides preference based on America’s long time love of the white man. This information is important because it affects what topics I choose to explore on Catch My Logic Podcast.

I am a Los Angeles Native born and raised.  Here with all it’s metropolitan flavor Los Angeles has marked me a city girl and molded an urban expert.

Though I have no degree behind my name it’s a goal I am working towards. What I have is 13 years of experience working in direct contact with our  vulnerable  populations. I have worked with except children. My experience has taught me humility, patience, openness, honesty, and new levels of respect. I am grateful for my service, it has brought joy.

Why I Podcast

I have always been curious about our human journey and I love to share and explore it with others. Words and other forms of expression are  needed for understanding. I also like conversations, to have them, to witness them, to be a part of them and so her I am.

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