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United Party

I remember watching as Bernie or Bust unfolded in the media. Didn’t they see the possibilities of Trump becoming president. Reality hit and I knew  they had to or they would not have weaponized it. When the comments that Hilary was just as bad as Trump began to circulate I felt a cringe. How could they say that when this man has openly admitted to belief in superior genetics, openly talked about sexually assaulting women , disrespected a disabled person, disrespected the US military, refused to rent to black people, has no political experience, and has never read a book in his life. How can we say their the same. Hilary and her husband have made some mistakes but I did not think them comparable to his.

Mainly I believe her policies moving forward would hinder the progression of minorities.

I watched and felt helpless. I understood out difference in fear of the implementation of these toxic political view when creating policy. For some reason these people could risk it. The situation reminded me of a joke which implied back people don’t engage in risky adventures because being black is a risky adventure. In the end 80,000 thousand votes in specific places made this race and I felt burned.

            Lately the talk has been one of a united party and that dedication was shown in the election of the most diverse congress ever. But here we are again prepping for presidential race and here we are considering what is important and what gets attention.  I currently hold the belief that bringing the party together is the understanding that we all deserve an equal opportunity to live in liberty and gain from the growth and values of our county. The values of the democratic party must be aligned. That does not mean we agree on all things, but there are some main things we should be united about. Every person is equal, our government works FOR THE PEOPLE, transparency, the acceptance that everyone is different and has a right to express that. I am hoping we will all come together to express this in our upcoming election. Below is a link to my podcast where Blare Sugar Robinson and I discuss the changes in the democratic party.   

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