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Nothing Burns as Bright as You Book Review

By J.Nicole Reign

Nothing Burns as Bright as You

Nothing Burns as Bright as You was a perfect pick for a first book review. I wanted a relatable, re-readable, layered project. Learn a little about me

Nothing Burns as Bright as You creates a rainbow of simple truths and yearning. Two women Queer, Black, and burning with the beauty of first love explore their connections . Woodfolk moves us verse by verse through desires, body changes, and reality checks .

The audience is given the heat of 1st love until we are numb to the burn. Brightness wakes us and we feel the AWE.

All this while a fire alarm rings through the pages, I ignored it. The melody of passion between the two main charters made it easy. 

 The author recreated the feeling of clear undeniable craving. But before you devour it
“ Is that enough?”

Family relationships and glances at the inner workings of each of our main characters. Woodfolk pulls full emotional investment from us. The concepts are relatable adult hood verses teen trials. Making this a great read for any age.

Book Themes

  • Labels
  • Acceptance 
  • Raised on Survival verses Love 
  • Love
  • Same sex relations sexual and non-sexual in the LGBTQ community. 
  • Impulse.
  • Family relationships. 
  • 1st Love 

Would I reread this book?

Yes, this is a book I could read or listen to over and over. It is written in verse and reads like poetry. I would pull it out on a rainy day or put it on in the background while I cook and drink wine.

I took on the Audible version letting Amani Minster do the 1st reading. Her voice enriched this tone of the story and fits perfectly with the mood.

 Here is a quick summary of the book provided by the author.

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