New Years New Me or Maybe Not

New Years , a time to hit the refresh button.

There is that beautiful stream of new possibility and an air of  optimism swirling around . 

The itch to recreate a new self and sit all goals on the table with the timeline of 2019 is strong and a bit stressful. 

Several people are opting out of the social personal experience of goal setting with the rest of us.  When I get the chance to ask around  about there lack of participation most give me one of these three reasons

  1. I set goals all year, there is nothing special about this time.

  2. I know they wont last why go through the process.

  3. There is nothing I want to do.

The 1st one rings true for me, enough so that I don’t feel the need to participate in New Years Resolutions …..I feel the urge.

 This year I decided to choose goals that  are  life style changes that positively effect my regularly scheduled goals.

  1. Better time management.
    1. Actually utilizing my to-do list
    2. Waking up earlier ( hard thing to do )
  2. Learn more about food.
    1. Will assist in any fitness goals.
    2. Provided better yummier food which makes me HAPPY
  3. Write More
    1. Stress reliever
    2. Makes Me Happy

These goals have no time limit and can be achieved in short spans.  They are not timely goals and they can be done in serval ways. For me these are not stressful goals. I will not cry over the scale in 1 month because I didn’t hit my mark. I will enjoy the journey 

I love structured goals with timelines and milestones. I love planning and executing them. But  for New Years I want to keep this a happy time of growth and free from pressure and thoughts of failure. Choose goals that can be done in spare time and that add fun and happiness to life….. We all are making small goals daily and accomplishing them. Take this time to plan fun and happy goals. Below Check Out our New Years New Me maybe not show. 


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