Unstructured Logic – What happens when you leave diversity in the hands of the elite marginalized

The issues at the Ellen Show has brought an important issue to the front. What does it  require for a corporation to be diverse and inclusive and who is prepared to oversee that? Are people comprehening what it means to combat racism?


The W.A.P Video had me happy all day

-I pose the question if your friend is upset with a person, does that effect your relationship with the person?



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The Insecure season 4 reviews Lowkey process

From the trailer for season 1 I could not wait to see Issa Rae’s Insecure on HBO . As the trailer played I could see that this show takes place in my home Los Angeles neighborhood.  Flashes of subjects that concern me, feelings I had, and situations I was in all in trailer one .

Here was a show I would relate to.

Here was a show I could see myself in and not as a supporting role.

All that was in the trailer , I was excited.

I remain excited as the show continues to give a representation of growth that is relatable to me.

Check out my reviewed on season four and the theme of friendship throughout the season.


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United Party

I remember watching as Bernie or Bust unfolded in the media. Didn’t they see the possibilities of Trump becoming president. Reality hit and I knew  they had to or they would not have weaponized it. When the comments that Hilary was just as bad as Trump began to circulate I felt a cringe. How could they say that when this man has openly admitted to belief in superior genetics, openly talked about sexually assaulting women , disrespected a disabled person, disrespected the US military, refused to rent to black people, has no political experience, and has never read a book in his life. How can we say their the same. Hilary and her husband have made some mistakes but I did not think them comparable to his.

Mainly I believe her policies moving forward would hinder the progression of minorities.

I watched and felt helpless. I understood out difference in fear of the implementation of these toxic political view when creating policy. For some reason these people could risk it. The situation reminded me of a joke which implied back people don’t engage in risky adventures because being black is a risky adventure. In the end 80,000 thousand votes in specific places made this race and I felt burned.

            Lately the talk has been one of a united party and that dedication was shown in the election of the most diverse congress ever. But here we are again prepping for presidential race and here we are considering what is important and what gets attention.  I currently hold the belief that bringing the party together is the understanding that we all deserve an equal opportunity to live in liberty and gain from the growth and values of our county. The values of the democratic party must be aligned. That does not mean we agree on all things, but there are some main things we should be united about. Every person is equal, our government works FOR THE PEOPLE, transparency, the acceptance that everyone is different and has a right to express that. I am hoping we will all come together to express this in our upcoming election. Below is a link to my podcast where Blare Sugar Robinson and I discuss the changes in the democratic party.   

Harriet The Movie : My Black American GHETTO review

The 1st trailer I saw of Harriet immediately brought me to tears. There are few movies that honor black women and their contribution to American society. This was years over due, it’s here and I was excited. The big scoop of icing on this cake was the movie is being directed by a black woman Kim Lemmons. I went to twitter looking to share in the excitement and notice it was lacking. So taking my direction from Feminista Jones’s “Reclaiming Our Space” I went to the hashtag #Harriet. There I discovered the reason for lack of excitement. There was a controversy about the lead actor Cynthia Erivo who also starred in “ Bad Times as the El Royale” and received a Tony award for playing Celie ( a beloved character for me) in the play The Color Purple. Apparently there were some questions as to why an African American was not cast  in the role. This caught my attention and I felt there must be more to it since Americans play African and British characters often. While reading it was noted that Harriet is not just a character but an actual person which for many changes things up. I recently seen another actor address the controversy regarding African American actors verses British black actors it was rude and dismissive. Which made me feel some level of disrespect for concerns of people who are catalyst of change. I immediately had some baseline understanding of this concern, probably because I understand that as African Americans we are viewed as different from British Black people. While I in no way blame black people from the UK I know that the accent carries a different sway in white crowds. I’m sure this sway can be both negative and positive either way it separates and comes with a different set of issues. Still I knew there must be more to this because I saw no negative feedback for her other roles. I found that Erivo has made some questionable comments regarding African Americans on twitter. Here’s a complied list. (which was hard to find.)

Erivo rumored  to be friends with the expressive Nigerian born  Luvvie Ajayi. Ajayi has been accused of being Anit- Black American due to her self given title as an “African Elitist”, her mocking attitude of African American traditions, and her views on Historically black Colleges and University. Her twitter fingers got some serious back lash when she fired shots at Tevin Campbell for possibly singing at Aretha Franklins funeral. Ajayi wrote an article addressing the issue was unapologetic to her so called disrespect but explanatory or her position.

I learned that this conversation regarding the black diaspora started with the concern that prestigious  institutions are navigating their efforts of diversity towards black people not born in the U.S or black people that are not the descendants of slaves. This bothered me because I understand that there is a difference in culture. Which may cause a difference in consideration of what goals the communities are focused on and what actions are needed to get there. With an awareness of the system that comes from growing up in it I understand that politics can place a face on our history that is not true to our situation.  There is also the fight of media that paints a limited and corrupted picture of African Americans. Representation is a key element in changing the views. After considering the above I still went to see the film.

I went to see it because I wanted to see this story bad enough to ignore this controversy. As I have for several Hollywood issues. For example I still watch Disney who has yet to get it right with a black princess, though  they are working towards it with our beloved Shuri and I like Tiana she just spent most of her time as a frog. And all the other screw up with Disney has given us. There’s countless disrespectful issues and many that cross a line and I will not support. In this I did. For we may fight within this family but we are family.

The next controversy over the movie was the admission of a black villain in the form of a black male bounty hunter and  a white savior.  Which I discuss on my podcast “Catch My Logic”.

The movie overall was Beautiful, Lemmons did an awesome job of creating a movie where I saw my traditions in an older environment and why they were essential, there was a feeling of taint with the knowledge of the lead actors opinions. Still it left me feeling powerful and proud. I thought Erivo’s voice was love in song, when she sang the songs of my ancestors I felt connected to this land  where we survived and then thrived even through and gross system, to her because she is still my sister on this earth for we come from the same line, to a place I never been but is mother to us all.  For this reason I recommend this movie. Because it left me proud and touched even though I am a ghetto American black woman.

Hear more of my thoughts on the film.

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Dating intergenerational.

I am not a professional these are my thoughts based on my personal experience and observations of society.

Dating in a different age range then your own can be an awesome and fruitful experience like most romantic relationships.

While prepping for Catch My Logic’s topic of intergenerational dating I found myself contemplating why one intergenerational connection  feels acceptable to me  while others make me cringe.  The cringing usually comes from any one under 25 dating a person over 35 with an excess of 15 years between the two.


I have dated a person 15  years older then me and I was under the age of 25 it was not a bad experience nor do I have any negative feelings toward people in relationships with older or younger people I have witness some beautiful relationship that are intergenerational with more than a 15 year gap. To those people I say love on.

But I would be lying to you if I said I would be okay with my 18 year old family member introducing me to their 32 year old love interest.


I think this prejudice is linked to the pass situations in which older men were allowed and encourage to date young women. Young women that had little choice in who they would be with. Most experiences that I had seen have been full of negative manipulation and an unhealthy balance of power. So I have  those traumas that largely go unnoticed in circulation with my own milestones, and knowledge of biology and how age effects the brain. In a flash these things cross my mind when I consider different ages dating.

I take a moment check my judgement and continue. In the show below Michelle and I review our experiences and thoughts on dating intergenerational.



Who is J.N. Reign

Who is JN Reign?

This name I have made for myself is symbolic of my strive to master self and take true responsibility for those aspects of my live that I can.  JN are my initials and represent me before and after growth and change. Reign is what I want to do in my own life as much as possible.

In my journey I have learned the lessons that systems of oppression teach along with the opportunities that freedoms give. I respect and appreciate the opportunities that I have enjoyed as a Black Queer CIS gendered Female American  . I acknowledge and reject the oppressive and inequitable system that provides preference based on America’s long time love of the white man. This information is important because it affects what topics I choose to explore on Catch My Logic Podcast.

I am a Los Angeles Native born and raised.  Here with all it’s metropolitan flavor Los Angeles has marked me a city girl and molded an urban expert.

Though I have no degree behind my name it’s a goal I am working towards. What I have is 13 years of experience working in direct contact with our  vulnerable  populations. I have worked with except children. My experience has taught me humility, patience, openness, honesty, and new levels of respect. I am grateful for my service, it has brought joy.

Why I Podcast

I have always been curious about our human journey and I love to share and explore it with others. Words and other forms of expression are  needed for understanding. I also like conversations, to have them, to witness them, to be a part of them and so her I am.

To sell them …..advertisement will be for sale . Check out the Show below WHO IS JNREIGN

The 1st Trailer for My Podcast .

Lets start with YAY it got done.

There were some awesome advice and blogs that helped me but I have posted a few things I thought were important and  I didn’t find warning or  advice making the suggestion.

  1. Find a tutorial on how to work your recording software.  If there is a tutorial that comes with the software. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Some of you may be laughing right now, thinking ” DUH Nikki “. I myself have a decent relationship with computers. I consider myself more then efficient with computers and a pro with Microsoft and if I can maneuver there then I can anywhere. This is the 1st system I met  I could not just click around and figure out IMPORTANT details. (Like how to end without 5 mins of dead silence after editing)  Not the case with GarageBand which I took full advantage of ( I like it especially for the low low price of free when using MAC). I had to read several forms to gather information…lots of click bait so no recommendations on this point.
  2. Consider hosting for podcast, website building platform, and players in one setting. I am not making any suggesting as to which to use. Just know they depend heavily one one another.
  3. Consider your recording space. Like my other suggestions there are articles covering this information but its not in the general informational reviews and they are important concerns for .  When elements change like a having face to face guest interviews or  mic set up make sure your prepared.