• United Party

    I remember watching as Bernie or Bust unfolded in the media. Didn’t they see the possibilities of Trump becoming president. Reality hit and I knew  they had to or they […]

  • Harriet The Movie : My Black American GHETTO review

    The 1st trailer I saw of Harriet immediately brought me to tears. There are few movies that honor black women and their contribution to American society. This was years over […]

  •   Dating intergenerational. I am not a professional these are my thoughts based on my personal experience and observations of society. Dating in a different age range then your own […]

  • Who is J.N. Reign

    Who is JN Reign? This name I have made for myself is symbolic of my strive to master self and take true responsibility for those aspects of my live that […]

  • The 1st Trailer for My Podcast .

    Lets start with YAY it got done. There were some awesome advice and blogs that helped me but I have posted a few things I thought were important and  I […]

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