Say No to California Dreaming if You Are Black.

Say No to California Dreaming if You Are Black.

By JN Reign Host of the Podcast CATCHMYLOGIC


I consider myself woke with the condition that I will forever be learning. How I am still not woke after so many lessons.  Instead I am in a drifting place maybe the sunken place.

I must be because why am I surprised?


Out of all the activist Shaun King  chose this one as a head in the movement. It reminds me of the move Harriet and the theory that she was a white man.

This morning I woke up had my morning coffee and checked the news. I read an article written by Shawn King about ex police planning to kill him. That fact alone did not surprise me it was the location that made my skin crawl.  When the article referred to the Long Beach police department the realization that this was my home department was a slap to the face. The next feeling was the acknowledgement that I thought different of this police department, even with the information that I have surrounding them. For example, I know that LBPD of CA has paid and or donated more money to the mayor of Long Beach over the course of 5 years then any other donating entity in the prior 50 years. I know that Black Lives Matter movement protested the department months prior, I saw the photo of Long Beach police officer with a weapon pointed at a black man and his child at the protest, I know the black experience with the police.

My surprise at this event feels repetitive which set in a new level of terror and pain. To see these men openly plotting to kill a man they considered important to Black Lives Matter movement was to see my countrymen  plotting to kill Black American leaders . These people that have held life in their hands through training paid for with tax dollars.  People whose words are considered more creditable than any average citizen.

I realize I am not as woke as I thought. I have not fully accepted the role of systematic oppression in the police department paired with their conscious effort to harm black people individually and as a whole. I learn about the prison system, our economic dependency on it, and the gain from its legal slavery. I am aware that there are still members of the Black Panthers in jail just for their ideals. I am aware the Ku Klux Klan continues to thrive in America with no government check for  this domestic terrorist group whose purpose is to eliminate minority groups of Americans.


Why am I surprised that these ex California cops came together to plot and dream about our death?


I know that I have more to learn but arrogantly I thought myself prepared for this kind of information. I recently watched I Am Not Your Negro and the documentary rang in my head along with other warnings from #BLACK TECH TWITTER  about new laws surrounding how meeting information is stored and shared and how technology is being used to target black leaders. I thought how female leaders of the movement are not so publicized but known to those that would do harm. Those silent but strong forces may be targeted and lack publicity except in the local area they are fighting.  This comes on the hills of three N.C officers being fired  after discussing killing all black people while using the N- word they described in detail how they wanted to kill a black woman arrested by one of the officers the day before. Mean while they want us to believe Sandra Bland was not murdered.


If these men will post this on the internet can you imagine the conversation in person? Or the things only them and the victims know? Every prior arrest should be reviewed in these cases.


I realized I was still dreaming and imaging my west coast, dark blue, home of the hippie state was better. Even after the Watts Riots, Rodney King, LAPD, and personal experience. Long Beach Police Department provided me a reality check. I should not be California Dreaming.

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