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  • You change your friend change your friendship changes Review of Insecure season #4 episode 1-3 May 20, 2020
    Whats up beautiful people in this show Small talk about the stresses of returning to work. Tips for your workspace at home Review of Insecure season  4 with a focus on friendship relationships. check out Support the show (
    J N Reign
  • Loving yourself part 1 . What does " Loving yourself mean? " May 11, 2020
    Todays show is the start of a Love yourself series.  Tips on coping with our new social situation and  thoughts and feelings surrounding the murder of Ahmaud Arbery  Sean Reed and Breonna Taylor. Check out the end of the show for my spoken wordInfo Check us the timelines Facebook- Catchmylogic  Hit me up Support the show (
    J N Reign
  • Alter Ego's April 20, 2020
    JN Reign is here with an episode all  about alter egos. Do you have one? Where do they come from?  The lack of interactions getting you down? I’m breaking free on the internet and improving myself care.   Start time 11:45 That’s not Logical – Don’t set the standard in situations you have no experience with. […]
    J N Reign
  • Me in the great pause April 14, 2020
    JN Riegn is back to continue season two. Had to address the world  stop ( not due to a beyonce album ). Here is a quick sponge before the show goes on.  Here is some good videos on mask making Simple easy Mask got time today Mask comments about the woman advised not to go the the […]
    J N Reign
  • Hello Season two. And yes I am my sisters keeper, are you? March 2, 2020
    Hey JN Reign is retuning for season two and we bring up the topic “Am I My Sisters Keeper? ”, and what the hell does that mean. Check out upcoming community events  Just Be Trans  www.catchmylogic.comLinks to social media: Facebook:  Catch my logic : for JNReign: : CMLPodcast,  Send your logic, questions on my […]
    J N Reign
  • Hello and review February 18, 2020
    Hey y'all  this a spoiler for 8 and 9 check out the review with MichelleSupport the show (
    J N Reign
  • Interview with Keto Coach L J Johnson January 27, 2020
     JN Reign takes a moment to celebrate the Life of the Legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna . Bryant was  a bright star in the Game of basketball and one of the biggest names in the world. He kept his talent right here in Los Angeles  where he gave us several championships brought us  […]
    J N Reign
  • Now apologize January 21, 2020
    JN Reign is joined by Michelle for a review of The L word generation Q Episode 5. I talk about my hopes for Brad and Jennifer. Tyler Perry are we ever really surprised with his plots? Pushing politics: CA bail bill is SB10 and effective bail reform? Community events. Support the show (
    J N Reign
  • I need some space January 13, 2020
    JN Reign provided some community announcements. I give a big F..U to Lizzo haters and a reminder to stay in your lane. www.catchmylogic.comLinks to social media: Facebook:  Catch my logic : for JNReign: : CMLPodcast,  Send your logic, questions on my logic, suggestions for shows, and letters to be read on […]
    J N Reign
  • Catch My Logic still got that New Year Energy January 6, 2020
    JN REIGN talks about receiving gifts and why there is a little anxiety around that. The L Word Gen X episode 4 review. Its a spoiler beautiful people, upcoming pushing politics, thoughts on friendships made through your ex. www.catchmylogic.comLinks to social media: Facebook:  Catch my logic : for JNReign: : CMLPodcast, […]
    J N Reign

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