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  • Unstructured Logic: elites of the marginalized August 9, 2020
    WAP VIDEO - DID YOU SEE THAT COMING Black is King-  My own feelings as an African American woman.  Articles - SLAMS Beyoncè's "Black is King" Visual Album Trailer Hype for Ìfé a move by  thinker/ storyteller  Uyaiedu Ikpe-Etim The story is about  two Nigerian Lesbians.  Ikpe-Etim is pushing pass obstacles to get stories seen and heard. […]
    J N Reign
  • Protect the progress (self love part 4) August 2, 2020
    JN reign talks about the advancement of self love next level shining  The question of how to deal with a racist or bigoted person in a position to help you? Understanding that it is not always possible.  Its Leo season and I talk about the Royal Cats.  A little reminder to continue our journeys of health and wellness.  Vagina […]
    J N Reign
  • Spiritual Space Change July 19, 2020
    Check  out the latest show, this is an unstructured episode. I talk about the  spiritual changes that are happening in my life and what seems to be reaching through the black community. Is there a call ? Does it come with access to more information? Is it simply more freedom to explore. With those thoughts […]
  • Self Compassion July 13, 2020
    Todays show adds another element to  our talks about loving yourself. The subject is self compassion. For many of us we openly give compassion and forgive the people around us for their mistakes. We have to be strong in giving ourselves that same compassion..  Social Media Facebook Donations Cash App $1117reign   Keep up with the movement Help […]
    J N Reign
  • Catch my thoughts - unstructured logic July 5, 2020
    Hey beautiful unique awesome people check our the latest show.  Just catching up.  - My rant : To CEO and high level management YOU CANNOT SHAME ME INTO THE OFFICE. - My thoughts on the heterosexual non traditional marriage/ life partner relationship and What I think about the Jada / Will/ August  situation -Civil unrest updates on my […]
    J N Reign
  • Insecure Review 7-10 Lowkey Leveling up.....ISSA PROCESS June 29, 2020
    Hey beautiful people In the show is a shot out to Cancers update on Civil Unrest and Justice for Andres I talk to white allies about two main things that should be important to remember  Insecure Review 7-10 Lowkey Leveling up.....ISSA PROCESSInsecure Review Lowkey tripping, Lowkey happy, Lowkey trying, Lowkey lost   Astrology by black people on Civil Unrest A little […]
    J N Reign
  • Lowkey on point Insecure review episode 3-6 June 22, 2020
    Hey beautiful people this show was recorded June 22,2020  Topic :The three Insecure episodes Lowkey Losing it Lowkey Moving Lowkey Done News of the week Best Juneteenth ever at a Space created by This was honestly the best black space I have been to in years. *tear drop* Justice for Andres -18 years old  Latinx  shot in the back and killed by police […]
    J N Reign
  • Forgiving yourself is hard June 15, 2020
     The show is 2nd  show in a series focused on Self Love . In this show we address self forgiveness. We also give our update on the civil unrest happening right now. I talk about my thoughts on the Los Angeles Pride  All Black Lives Matter Protest .  Write in to catchmylogic@gmail.comBelow is a link to […]
    J N Reign
  • CatchMy feelings on the movement to end police brutality June 8, 2020
    This show is a rant and expression of my personal feelings on the current situation the and the support pouring out surrounding ending police brutality.  CONTENT WARNING The rant includes descriptions of violence Black lives matter https://blacklivesmatter.comMovement for black lives https://m4bl.orgFind out who your local representatives are and follow them on social media. Sign up for the weekly updates of […]
    J N Reign
  • You change your friend change your friendship changes Review of Insecure season #4 episode 1-3 May 20, 2020
    Whats up beautiful people in this show Small talk about the stresses of returning to work. Tips for your workspace at home Review of Insecure season  4 with a focus on friendship relationships. check out Support the show (
    J N Reign