• meditation

    Meditation I wanted to promote meditation because what I have seen in the promotion of meditation. In the past I have heard different claims of finding peace and accessing different […]

  • New Years New Me or Maybe Not

    New Years , a time to hit the refresh button. There is that beautiful stream of new possibility and an air of  optimism swirling around .  The itch to recreate […]

  • The 1st Trailer for My Podcast .

    Lets start with YAY it got done. There were some awesome advice and blogs that helped me but I have posted a few things I thought were important and  I […]

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  • Who is JN Reign LOL
    listen to this at a speed of 1.25 1st all my respect to the Late Great NippsyThis show is a reintroduction to the host of the Show JN Reign. Information on my views and my beautiful self. Tune in and Subscribe
    DONT act like you don't care about the signs.
  • Giving up being Single
    Catch my logic EP4  What do you give up when you go from single to a relationship. w/ guest Michelle  Time Money Energy These are important things that may be thin already . JN Reign and Michelles talk about the topic.Leaving Neverland….what’s my logic after and before watchingWhat is my logic on the Khloe and Jordyn Wood situation. Email me @ […]
  • Don't Break
    This Catch My Logic Podcast is about basic limits we give ourselves to ward off unwanted behaviors. From the Show. “ I don’t want to be in a situation where I am providing your basic needs.” “ Im going to need you to get together so you can get the F**** on out of here.”  Pushing Politics = Special […]

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