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Dating intergenerational.

I am not a professional these are my thoughts based on my personal experience and observations of society.

Dating in a different age range then your own can be an awesome and fruitful experience like most romantic relationships.

While prepping for Catch My Logic’s topic of intergenerational dating I found myself contemplating why one intergenerational connection  feels acceptable to me  while others make me cringe.  The cringing usually comes from any one under 25 dating a person over 35 with an excess of 15 years between the two.


I have dated a person 15  years older then me and I was under the age of 25 it was not a bad experience nor do I have any negative feelings toward people in relationships with older or younger people I have witness some beautiful relationship that are intergenerational with more than a 15 year gap. To those people I say love on.

But I would be lying to you if I said I would be okay with my 18 year old family member introducing me to their 32 year old love interest.


I think this prejudice is linked to the pass situations in which older men were allowed and encourage to date young women. Young women that had little choice in who they would be with. Most experiences that I had seen have been full of negative manipulation and an unhealthy balance of power. So I have  those traumas that largely go unnoticed in circulation with my own milestones, and knowledge of biology and how age effects the brain. In a flash these things cross my mind when I consider different ages dating.

I take a moment check my judgement and continue. In the show below Michelle and I review our experiences and thoughts on dating intergenerational.



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