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The 1st Trailer for My Podcast .

Lets start with YAY it got done.

There were some awesome advice and blogs that helped me but I have posted a few things I thought were important and  I didn’t find warning or  advice making the suggestion.

  1. Find a tutorial on how to work your recording software.  If there is a tutorial that comes with the software. TAKE ADVANTAGE. Some of you may be laughing right now, thinking ” DUH Nikki “. I myself have a decent relationship with computers. I consider myself more then efficient with computers and a pro with Microsoft and if I can maneuver there then I can anywhere. This is the 1st system I met  I could not just click around and figure out IMPORTANT details. (Like how to end without 5 mins of dead silence after editing)  Not the case with GarageBand which I took full advantage of ( I like it especially for the low low price of free when using MAC). I had to read several forms to gather information…lots of click bait so no recommendations on this point.
  2. Consider hosting for podcast, website building platform, and players in one setting. I am not making any suggesting as to which to use. Just know they depend heavily one one another.
  3. Consider your recording space. Like my other suggestions there are articles covering this information but its not in the general informational reviews and they are important concerns for .  When elements change like a having face to face guest interviews or  mic set up make sure your prepared.


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